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honey bee holistics interview & review

Organic Nipple Soothe Ointment
Today I am interviewing Melissa, the creator of Honey Bee Holistics, a line of skin care products for women. All of her products are handmade with wild harvested herbs or herbs grown on-site at her farmland in the valley of the Cascade Mountains. No chemicals or preservatives, ever!

Before interviewing Melissa, I had a chance to try her Organic Nipple Soothe Ointment for breastfeeding mothers. I was in love as soon as I opened the jar- the smell of honey and beeswax is delicious!

Another thing that made me happy- since the ointment has an organic beeswax base, it isn't overly goop-y like other nipple creams. It went on smoothly and had a nice protective feel to it- definitely made my nipples less sensitive to the chafing of my shirt. 

What I love about this product the most, however, is that it is only made from organic and natural products. Melissa harvested her herbs, mixed together this ointment, bottled it, and sent it to me! No crazy chemical preservatives or scary packaging processes. I have no fear about putting this on the nipples that spend so much time in my babies mouth. That is the best feeling.

Melissa, what inspired you to create the nipple soothe ointment?
When I first became pregnant with my daughter I knew I wanted to exclusively breastfeed. I was told by many veteran Moms that I would need some kind of ointment for my nipples as they would be sore the first few weeks. I recieved a free sample of some nipple ointment with my breastpump I bought. I bought the pump because I planned on going back to work, but more on that below!

The free sample contained lanolin. I researched it and found that lanolin was extracted from sheep wool. Although I am not vegan, I did not want some animal extractions going on my nipples let alone my babies mouth!! So, I researched what was moisturizing, protecting and safe for ingesting that did not involve animal by-products........My Organic Nipple Soothe Ointment was born. I made it when I had a free moment during nap time, and have used it ever since! Made of organic ingredients to prevent the contamination of pesticide residues as well.

Share some of your personal breastfeeding experience.
It was a learning experience for both myself and my daughter. I had a difficult time getting her to latch on because I have very large breasts to begin with, then when they were full of milk they were cumbersome to say the least! I was able to get her to latch on with the assistance of a Silicone Nipple Shield made by Medela. Some other Mom's were questioning my ability, but I plainly told them that this is what was working for us, so I wasn't concerned with their opinions really. 

When my daughter was around 9 months, we went on an all day outing and I forgot the nipple shield!! Ahhh! Well, she got used to it and knew what to do, so after that day I slowly weaned her off of it. Everyday since has been easier to say the least. She is 16 months now and only breastfeeds for nap time and bedtime. I feel it has contributed to our close bond as well as her very healthy body! 

Any advice for new breastfeeding mothers?
If any new Mom has some breastfeeding issues, just keep at it and tell yourself you can do it, because if you believe you can, you can!! And always remember that it is a special time between you and your baby, no one else!

Any advice for mamas that want to start their own business?
Look for something that you are truly passionate about. Find a need of your own or others, fill that need and you have a good start for a business of your own! You can do it!!

Do you offer any other products for mamas or mamas-to-be?
Actually I do! I have made other items that I use for my daughter and I used during and after my pregnancy! To name a few:

I am formulating a Mama's Milk Herbal Tea as well. I drank it constantly when I was low on milk sometimes and it helped tremendously!

Thanks, Melissa! Check out the whole Honey Bee Holistics line at her Etsy shop or at

One lucky Breastfed reader will win a jar of the organic nipple soothe ointment as part of our Breastfeeding Celebration Package giveaway! A winner will be picked from our first 50 Google Friend Connect followers- follow now to win!

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