Sunday, July 24, 2011

breastfeeding pastimes

In those first couple of months breastfeeding, it's inevitable: You're tethered to the baby. Baby wants to feed all the time, and she's not very efficient at it. You spend 45 minute stretches on the couch up to 10 times a day.

What to do during this time?

Of course, there are hours spent gazing at baby, marveling at how perfect she is, soaking up that warm, fuzzy mommy feeling. And maybe there are some hours spent silently crying over how frustrated and tired you are.

But what about the rest of the time? Things that I have done on the couch during the first 4 months of Baby S's breastfeeding life:

  • Watched all of the episodes available for Desperate Housewives on streaming Netflix (134 of them!)
  • Played (and lost) about 50 games of Scrabble on Kindle with the partner
  • Read about 15 books on my Kindle- my favorite has been Mothers and Daughters by Rae Meadows
  • Thanked God for the invention of the Kindle and streaming Netflix
  • Stared off into space 
  • Tried to will the Wii and TV remotes to jump into my hands from across the room
  • Read books to Toddler B while trying to stop her from shoving the baby off my lap
  • Attempted to move a sleeping Baby S onto the couch without waking her (25% success rate)
  • Talked on the phone to whoever was around
  • Balanced laptop on pillow and attempted to type with one hand
  • Watched the Weather Channel 
  • Fought with the partner while trying not to wake the baby (and failing)
  • Slept sitting up

Is it my imagination that the brand new couch we bought before the arrival of Baby S is already starting to sag? Probably not.


  1. The Kindle! Best invention for breastfeeding ever. I remember in my birth education classes, the instructor would always say how you could read while breastfeeding. But I can't picture holding a heavy book and having to turn pages with one hand. But the kindle... I never thought I would love the thing so much.

    Now the only problem is explaining to my toddler what it is. When he asks, I say, "It's a book." And I realize how confusing that is. lol.

  2. OMG, this list is AWESOME! I didn't watch much TV, but I logged a TON of time on Twitter.

    Thanks so much for linking up to the hop! I hope you'll join in again this week when we talk about BFing support groups.


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