Sunday, August 28, 2011

tips: prenatal vitamins

Mamas- have you been taking your prenatal vitamins? Just because pregnancy is over doesn't mean you should stop, especially if you are breastfeeding. You are providing nutrition for two! Continuing to take prenatal vitamins ensures that you are getting all the nutrition you need for both you and baby.

I stopped taking mine for a while after Baby S was born. Why? Because I kept forgetting to take them. Bad idea- I started feeling really rundown, losing hair in clumps, and just generally feeling drained. As soon as I started taking my vitamins again I felt much better (sure, the tired and drained feeling is something that never leaves a new mom, but it was much less than before, for sure!).

As a new mom, I know that it is difficult to remember to do anything. How to remember this one little thing?

Possible strategies for remembering to take your vitamins: 

  • Decide a time of day to take them- upon waking or before going to sleep. Put the bottle on your nightstand and make it the first or last thing that you do each day.
  • Do you drink coffee in the morning? Put the bottle on top of the coffee can or coffee maker.
  • Everyone goes to the bathroom! Put the bottle next to the toilet
  • Do you have other children? Make them in charge of reminding you- I guarantee that not only will they remember, they'll love helping mommy every day.
  • Is your partner working? Ask him or her to put a post-it on their computer, so they can remind you when they check-in each day.
  • Write a note and put it somewhere you look every day.
  • Put the bottle in your breastfeeding basket.
  • Get a pill box that has a compartment for each day of the week.
  • Schedule a reminder on your phone or computer.
  • Set your alarm clock to go off at the same time every day.

Any other ways that mamas out there use to remember?


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