Saturday, June 4, 2011

best part of the day

Lately, my favorite part of the day is when I come home from work.

I get out of the car, stressed out, slightly (or very) tired, hungry, and dreading what I might see upstairs.

Will the house look like a tornado hit it? Are the dishes piled up in the sink? Did hubby make dinner or is he waiting for me to do it? Is Baby S having a mini-meltdown?

I come upstairs, hang my keys and bag up, wash my hands and feet, change out of my work clothes, and brush my teeth. Sometimes I can do this leisurely (Toddler B is eating dinner, Baby S is amusing herself quietly) and sometimes I do this stressfully at a mad speed (Both kids are melting down).

Next comes the good part: kisses and hugs to Toddler B. Then I pick up Baby S and sit down on the couch. Those moments of cuddling and feeding make my whole day worthwhile. If she is super hungry, she latches on and feeds hungrily. If she is not so hungry, she still latches on for a bit for the comfort, then spends some time rubbing her face in my breast and smiling.

Usually she then falls asleep, cuddled into me, and I get to spend some quiet moments just being with her.

The rest of the day might be crazy, loud, and stressful, but I live for these moments when it all washes away, and it is just us, on the couch, belly to belly, together.


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