Thursday, June 9, 2011

what's your favorite position?

Hmm.. I remember a time when that question meant something completely different to me. My answer might have included something referring to an animal.

Nowadays that animal is the last thing on my mind. Ask me about my favorite position, and I do think of the bedroom, but not of my partner. I think of that other person that occupies 99 percent of my time these days- my daughter.

Baby S sleeps with us, and I love it. My favorite position to breastfeed in is lying down, on my side, asleep.

Whoever said that formula feeding was easier than breastfeeding? That involves getting up in the middle of the night, multiple times, and trying not to drop off into sleep while the baby eats. Plus, half the time, the baby wakes up completely while you're fumbling around in the kitchen, spilling the formula, waiting for the bottle to warm up.

With this position, life is easy. The baby starts stirring, I wake up, pop a boob in her mouth, and fall back to sleep. Plus, in the mornings, I get to lay there and watch her as she eats, all cuddled into me. Sometimes she looks up at me while she eats, and we just lay there and stare at each other. Swoon.

Of course, my partner brings up every once in a while the fact that this position gets in the way of practicing some of those old, pre-baby positions. I remind him that those positions would never happen if mommy was tired all the time. Besides, that's what nap time is for...


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