Sunday, February 19, 2012

the nursing games

I think that when most people think of breastfeeding they picture a little baby sitting quietly while the mother holds him, both in comfort with a look of peace on their faces. And yes, that's what it's like sometimes, especially those first couple of months nursing your newborn. But as baby gets older (and squirmier), unless baby is really hungry, odds are that they are not going to sit still.

Yes, they'll attempt to eat, but they won't sit still. New moms, don't feel bad if you can't picture it, because I had no idea about this either. I had seen some moms talk about the "toddler olympics" or "nursing olympics", but I couldn't really picture it in my reality.

Somewhere around 8 months, Baby S turned into that distracted add-ish little creature that she is now. Can't keep her mind on something for more than a couple of seconds (unless she's playing the "I drop something and you pick it up" game). Every week she comes up with a new event for The Nursing Games. These are her favorite to date:

1. Breast Archery
Best played with mommy laying on her side, and baby sitting up. Baby stares at breast, gauges the elements (distance, mommy mobility at the moment, wind speed). Suddenly, the arrow is released, and baby shoots face forward to the breast. Will she get a successful latch, or hit side boob and have to suck and move until she hits nipple? A perfect 10 will be rewarded with a 5 second suck before repeating.

2. Peek-a-Boo 
The newest event in Baby S's Nursing Games, this one rates low on the annoying list and high on the cuteness list. Baby nurses, then covers her face. Uncover with a look of joy and expect mama to say "Peek-a-Boo!" and look happy. This can happen two ways: baby stays latched to the breast throughout the game, or baby unlatches every time she uncovers her face. I'm thinking it depends on how hungry she is.

3. Hello Goodbye
Baby practices his waving technique. Low energy game, just suck and wave. Can get prolonged if someone is sitting near and baby unlatches every few seconds to wave at them.

4. The Dog
Best played when mommy is laying down. Baby lays on belly or side and latches on, then squirms until ready to execute a downward dog pose. Execute pose while holding latch, lower, and repeat.

5. The Bounce
Performed while sitting up. Latch on and bounce on your little butt. And bounce. And bounce.

6. Clothes Horse
How much of mommy's clothes can I take off and play with while I'm eating? Lift up the shirt, play with straps, try to undo belt, get into pockets, etc. First one to get mommy completely undressed while staying latched on wins!

7. Kicky Poo
Best performed while laying down. Who says your legs need to stop moving while eating? Kick those little legs! And what better place to push them into than mama's big, soft stomach?

These are Baby S's best events. She might even win a gold one day in The Dog. Does your baby have an event that they excel in?


  1. This is so sweet and hilarious. I never knew about it either. I thought my son was the only one ("he is so active!") until I started reading blogs and stuff. Unfortunately, I think it's evidence that we lost the collective knowledge of a few generations of breastfeeding mamas (my mom had no idea, either, because she only nursed us for a few months.) Also, even now, a lot of people don't practice extended breastfeeding, and if they do, they do so privately. But all this knowledge is coming back -- thanks for the funny post!

  2. This is so hilarious and so true!!!


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