Sunday, August 28, 2011

giveaway: breastfeeding celebration package

Our first giveaway has grown! Win an amazingly fun breastfeeding celebration package in one easy step. 

The package includes: a boobie beanie for your baby by BitchinStitches, organic nipple soothe ointment from HoneyBee Holistics, the breastfeeding merit badge by MamaScout, and the Nourish Breastfeeding! poster from artist Heather Ault at 4000 Years.

Prize details:

Show your breastfeeding support with this handmade crocheted boobie beanie for your baby, courtesy of BitchinStitches. This beanie is designed to look like a breast while a baby or toddler is nursing! (The beanie is for your babies head- head warmer, not boob warmer....)

Beanies can be made in 3 different colors: light skin with pink nipple, medium skin with brown nipple, or brown skin with dark brown nipple. Beanie can also be made for different head sizes- newborn, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, or 12-24 months.

HoneyBee Holistics ointment is a soothing, organic, natural way for breastfeeding moms to ease sore cracked nipples. It helps them heal as well as providing extra moisturizing protection from excessive dryness. Safe enough for use in between feedings without the need to wash off!

Plus: It is an Organic Vegan option versus the popular lanolin products on the market!

Breastfed. is super excited to give away the breastfeeding merit badge from Mama Scout! Show your pride in earning your stripes, or gift this to a mama you know that has overcome some breastfeeding struggle. Breastfeeding is hard work and not as natural as it seems. If you produce milk for another human, you get this badge (and so much more). If you NIP (nurse in public) you get a special nod of admiration. 

Put up this poster from artist Heather Ault of 4000 years above your breastfeeding chair, in the room that you pump in at work, or where ever you want to be inspired to continue breastfeeding

This poster is part of a series of visual images celebrating the practice of reproductive control around the world for thousands of years!


Since ancient times throughout the world, women have prolonged breastfeeding to prevent new pregnancies. During full-time breastfeeding for six-months after birth, most mothers do not ovulate and do not have menstrual periods. 

How to win your breastfeeding celebration package:

Follow Breastfed through Google Friend Connect (see orange box on right sidebar). When we reach 50 followers we will randomly select one friend as the lucky package winner!

Get extra entries by visiting one of our sponsors sites, then sharing one thing about them in the comments section of this post!

The odds of winning this giveaway are ridiculously great- 1 in 50, and even lower if you visit our sponsors sites! Amazing!

Good luck and good breastfeeding! 


  1. Woo Hoo! I'm following. Please come visit my blog:

  2. I followed!
    On BitchinStitches, I love the candy corn baby hat and onHoney Bee Holistics, I love the Organic Mama & Baby Gift Set.
    I love this package! :D

  3. Hurray for breastfeeding! I follow on GFC as sunnymum.
    cbeargie at yahoo dot com

  4. I really like the pregnancy and fatherhood badges on Mama Scout's Etsy store. They are very pretty. All of them are awesome though. Those two just happen to be my favorite.

  5. I'm glad I found your blog. I might never have found 4000 Years had I not. I will one day buy several posters, but my favorite one has to be the Lemon one.

  6. I follow you on GFC as zaira_faith

    megnate at telus dot net

  7. bitchin stiches is pretty awesome. i've decided i LOVE boobie beanies.

  8. I'm following you in google connect!

  9. New follower here! Thanks for the giveaway!
    mamilibelula at gmail dot com

  10. The HoneyBee Holistics ointment looks like a wonderful help! I also love her Organic Mama Belly Butter made with healing Cocoa butter. Following on GFC as sunnymum.

  11. I love the Mama Scout badges! Reminds me of my time in Girl Scouts, with less crafting required.

  12. The Honey Bee Holistics Lavender Gift Set looks amazing! It Os going on my Christmas list right now!


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