Saturday, February 4, 2012

always a yes

Baby S has learned how to say no. This "no" can look a couple of different ways:

-a small head shake
-a big, affect the whole body head shake
-pushing my hands away
-shoving my hands away
-a small "ah"with a smile and head shake
-a large scream with a full body head shake and throwing whatever is next to her.

So you see, this "no" has different degrees of "no-y-ness" (Yes, I know that's not a word, but you get the idea). And this "no" is coming out more and more. New food? No. Mama wants to change my diaper? No. Mama wants to put some clothes on me so I'm not running around naked in the freezing cold? No. Mama's trying to buckle me into my car seat? No. And so on... we are running full steam into toddler-hood!

But there is one thing that she will never say "no" to, and that is breastfeeding. Never, ever has she refused the breast. She might take a couple of sips and then wriggle away, but she always has to take a little bit if it is offered to her. And who can blame her? "Hey there, come get a little cuddle and something sweet in your mouth." Would you say no?

Thanks breastfeeding- in a growing world of toddler "no's" and tantrums, you always get me a "yes" and a snuggle.

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