Thursday, December 29, 2011

nursing olympics

Gone are the days of the sweet little newborn nursing quietly at my side. Enter the days of the squirmy, energetic, distracted baby- also known as the Toddler Nursing Olympics.

Baby S has a new favorite game. When we lay down in the bed to nurse before nap or bedtime, she'll lay on her side and eat for about 2 seconds before wiggling onto her belly and sitting up. She will then laugh and bounce around before zeroing in on my breast. She'll stare at it, smile, and then- dive bomb! She bobs down quickly like a little bird and latches onto my nipple, drinking and bouncing on her butt for a few seconds before unlatching, laughing, and doing it all over again.

Another variation is when she dive bombs, drinks, and then falls onto her belly. She'll twist her little face to drink and then stick her butt up in the air. After nursing for a couple of seconds she'll unlatch and push herself up into a crawl position, laugh, and do it all over again.

While annoying sometimes, and frustrating when I am trying to get her to sleep, I mainly am just enjoying this stage. Her energy and general bounciness are adorable. The faces she makes never fail to make me laugh, even if I have to stifle my laughter if I am trying to keep a straight "go to sleep" face. It's clear that she loves nursing, and loves me. Who wouldn't be happy with that?

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