Tuesday, December 27, 2011

topsy turvy

Nobody likes moving- me least of all. The packing and carrying and heaving and hauling and losing things. Then the carrying and heaving and hauling and unpacking and organizing and all that.. so much time and effort! Add two needy children to the mix and it is all-consuming.

Plus, to make matters worse, we are not even moving into a permanent place. We are moving from our apartment to my sister's house (who has moved out of state for the next few months), where we will stay until April before moving yet again into a permanent place. So we have to bring the things that we need with us, and store everything else.

Luckily, I don't need to pack up my breasts and breast milk- they are a part of my package! No misplacing a breast along the way! Hee hee. But I am having an issue with our pump and bottle storage system.

Back at the old place, we had it down to a science. A large mixing bowl next to the sink where we soaked pump and bottle parts.  A hook over the sink where the bottle brush hung. Two racks hanging next to the sink where the pump parts and bottles dried, with an easy system for separating the two different types of nipples.

Now it's all topsy turvy. No hook to hang the bottle brush on. No racks to store the bottles. And this is not my house, so I can't screw or nail anything in. We have bottle chaos going on here! Nothing gets washed because nobody (meaning the partner, really) knows the system. We need to come up with something new, and quick, before we devolve into anarchy- toddlers drinking with slow flow nipples, pump parts getting lost, daddy's using dirty bottles that they swear are okay because they look clean.

Stop the madness!

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