Saturday, December 31, 2011

happy new year!

One year ago, I was the parent of one daughter, and seven months pregnant with another. My only experience with breastfeeding had gone horribly, and as I anxiously anticipated the birth of Baby S, I wondered if I would have success or another failure.

Today, one year later, I am the parent of a 2 year old daughter, a ten month old daughter, a stepmom of a 13 and 8 years old girls (2011 saw the partial resolution of a long, bitter, custody argument that is still going on- don't ask). And, I am happy to add, I have experienced 10 months of wonderful breastfeeding.

Sure, we've had our ups and downs. The downs: nipple pain and engorged breasts in the first months, marathon feeding sessions that seemed to last 23 hours a day, leaking breasts and pumping troubles. But we've also had our incredible ups: immediate latching, the cozy warm oxytocin feelings, the snuggling and fun, the success in the nursing in public forays, the sense of accomplishment and the digesting of the negative feelings that came with feeding Toddler B. As I look back, it's easy to overlook the downs because of the incredible ups!

What's up for this next year? As our goal is to breastfeed for at least two years, I hope to experience another successful breastfeeding year. I have read that breastfeeding a toddler comes with it's own issues (the energy! the gymnastics!), but I feel prepared and ready to meet whatever comes my way.

Here's to another happy breastfeeding new year!


  1. Nursing a toddler truly is wonderful. It helps calm temper tantrums and eases all the bumps and bruises they get as they learn to walk. When they get sick and don't want to eat anything else but your breastmilk, you'll know that they are getting exactly what they need. Breastmilk never loses its nutrition. Good for you!

  2. Yes nursing a toddler definitely has its own challenges, but it is also amazing :) I get so many more mommy cuddles from my busy explorer thanks to nursing!

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