Friday, October 7, 2011

nipple curiosity

Boobie beanie by Bitchin Stitches
Baby S is suddenly curious about nipples. 

Before last week, I think that she didn't give them a second thought. Nipples? Whatever. Those are just the things that I put in my mouth to get my food.

But in the past week, she is examining. She lays there and gently touches my nipple with a look of wonderment on her face. Strokes them. Then pinches and rolls them through her fingers (cue mama yanking nipple away from baby).

I was wondering what brought this on, and then I noticed her doing the same thing with the nipple on the bottle. She has always been fed by a bottle when I am at work, but only recently has she taken it willingly. I think it comes from Toddler B- she wants Toddler B's juice bottles. She is constantly grabbing them, and playing and sucking on the nipples.

Does she have nipple confusion? Is she just starting to see the differences? Is she more curious about the world around her?

Whatever it is, I'm keeping her nails clipped short.


  1. That nipple curiosity isn't going to go away, it gets worse, my babe gets mad at me when I hide them from her. It has become her security blanket...

  2. BB does the same thing. He will stop eating and play with his food. I always know when I missed a sharp spot when cutting his little fingernails.


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