Friday, October 21, 2011


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Baby S is almost 8 months. 8 months! What? How did that happen? I guess it just flew by in a haze of dirty diapers, slobber, breast milk, laughs and cries. 

A check-in on our breastfeeding journey:

Overall: Still going strong. Baby S loves to breastfeed. 

Number of Feedings: Baby S has always been more of a snacker than a marathoner. She still loves eating frequent little nibbles, although she usually has a big feed before nap time and bed time.

How Much: Who knows? I wish my breasts had an ounce counter on them. I do know that when I am at work for six hours she usually eats about 6 ounces. She seems to eat less when she is occupied and playing, so she probably eats more when I am around.

Other Food: Not so much. Is it due to my laziness or her intense love of the breast? Who knows. I checked in with our fabulous pediatrician at her 7 month appointment, and he wasn't worried. He said that even if she reached a year old and was still primarily breastfeeding that he was fine with that.

She is interested in food, but I think only because she wants what we have. When I give her food, she makes a funny face and prefers to suck on the spoon and pretend to eat. It's a start.

Support: Enter Grandma on the solid food issue. With one foot firmly in the old school feeding school of thought, she constantly makes little comments that show her disapproval of the fact that Baby S is not on a firm food schedule. I tend to roll my eyes and change the subject.

The partner is still behind the breastfeeding, although I know he is jealous that he doesn't have magic boobs. Perhaps God will be good and bring him back in the next life as a woman- if he's lucky!

Pumping: I still struggle with supply. Sometimes this is due to my laziness- who wants to spend their free night time tethered to the pump? Stress, poor eating and lack of time at work sometimes contribute as well.

Work: Everyone at work continues to be supportive of my need to pump. I feel that I am even doing some good modeling for the teenagers we have working for us! They are now used to seeing me go to pump and seeing my breast milk in the fridge. They have even started to ask a few questions about breastfeeding- here's to making it the norm!

I do have some time and stress issues with running home to breastfeed, however. Days when I have a meeting or other engagement can be rough when I have to run home, feed Baby S, and then jet off to work. I eat a lot of lunch at my desk. It's worth it, though, to be able to nurse her as much as possible.

Goal: I can already see that making it to one year will be a piece of cake. I am now setting our goal at 2 years. With how well it is going right now, I think that we will be able to run the distance!

Where are you in your breastfeeding journey?


  1. 9 months now. He loves his food, oatmeal w/ flaxseed (helps with constipation), some baby food, but mostly wants to eat what we're eating. Crackers, rice, steamed carrots, onions, sweet peppers, noodles, etc. He fussed for seconds of Creamy Leek soup last night. So much food means that he doesn't drink as much milk. He nurses when I'm at home, but sometimes won't take a bottle when I work. He just eats more food. He drinks water from a straw cup, but not milk. He wants his warm boob.

    I only pump once a day at work and that seems to be enough.

    Everyone I know has been suportive of me. I even nursed him in the middle of the room with FIL, MIL, BILs, SIL and my FIL's mother and sisters. A couple of weeks ago, I nursed him at Walgreens and an older lady told me that she had 6 kids, but "never had the pleasure of [breastfeeding]".

  2. Grandma will love me for saying this I'm sure, but have you looked into Baby Led Weaning? (google Gill Rapley if you haven't).


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