Wednesday, September 28, 2011

crabby babies and crabby mamas

Yes, I get crabby. Who doesn't? In fact, some days, I feel like I am crabby all the time.

Today I was crabby because of a crabby baby. Baby S got her 6 month (late) vaccinations today, one of which was the rotovirus vaccine. Too late, I remembered that this particular vaccine always made Toddler B super crabby. As I considered that tonight is the beginning of Rosh Ha Shanah (the Jewish New Year), and that we had to go to a big dinner, I started to think that maybe I had made a little scheduling snafu.

Too late. Vaccinations already given. Crabby baby ignited.

Baby S was crabby from the minute we walked through our friends door. I was starving, and quickly realized that I couldn't have food in front of me without Baby S wanting to grab it and then screaming if she couldn't get it. Rrrrrrggh. My crabbiness level shot through the roof. It turned up another notch as the partner, sitting back and sipping a whiskey, started telling me what I needed to do to fix the situation. I had to restrain myself from kicking him under the table.

Luckily, I have something to calm me- breastfeeding! Before I said or did anything to get the cops called on me for patricide, I went to a quiet corner and started to nurse Baby S. I don't know if it's the hormones, or the cuddling, but I felt myself immediately simmering down. By the time she was done eating, my crabbiness had dropped to a level that I could work with, and we rejoined the group.

Usually I hate having to breastfeed in a group. Today I felt thankful for it. Nursing my baby is a beautiful feeling, and evidently something that I need at times just as much as she does. Anything that can help with crabbiness is something that this tired mama needs!


  1. I used to dislike breastfeeding in a group... Until my daughter reached this super destructive stage where it's like the only time I can relax and not worry she's breaking something or hurting herself is when she's latched on. And yeah, it is a great calmer-downer. =)


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