Monday, September 26, 2011

giveaway: custom wipes case

Sixties inspired wipes case- Cool Man!!!
I'll admit it. One of my favorite things about breastfeeding is the lack of crap that I have to lug around when I go out.

I remember when we were using formula with Toddler B- the diaper bag was bursting! The bottles, nipples, container of formula, scoop, bottled water.. there was barely any room for diapers!

Now, when I go out with Baby S for a short jaunt, I don't even bring a diaper bag. In the zippered part of my purse I throw a diaper, small wet bag, and wipes case. Maybe a toy. Barely anything!

In celebration of this, I'm giving away this super-cool sixties inspired wipes case from Kaydees Quilts and More. Creator Dawn Paulson has been a crafter all of her life, and left the corporate world after 32 (!) years to focus on her crafts full time. And I'm glad she did! Check out her Etsy shop for more beautiful hand-crafted heirloom baby wares.

Enter the giveaway using Rafflecopter! Ends October 5, 2011- enter now!


  1. My diaper bag with cell phone and keys!

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  2. My gigantic backpack diaper bag (twins + a preschooler), cell phone, keys, and our stainless steel water bottles. 'Cause you just know the 3 year old is going to start crying that he's thirsty 2 minutes after we leave the house, and he doesn't drink mama's milk anymore. ;)

  3. I'm a new mom so I bring EVERYTHING. My wallet and keys, phone, blanket, change of onesie, extra diapers, wipes, at least one toy and the kitchen sink.

  4. The diaper bag!!!
    mamilibelula at gmail dot com

  5. i bring diapers,wipes, a change of clothes for baby ,cell phone,bottle water,keys, juice and snacks for my other children lol i didnt realize how much stuff i take with me

  6. i also love the rag quilt baby lovey baby girl on Kadees Quilts and more


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