Monday, August 1, 2011

why i breastfeed

It's World Breastfeeding Week!

Everywhere I look there are posts, articles, lectures, lists (even a list of 101 reasons!) and what-have-you detailing why breastfeeding is so damn important and why you should do it.

These are my reasons for breastfeeding:

1. It's the best option for your baby. Period. If you are able to do it (and some women are not, for many reasons, or have difficulties), then why not do it? If you had two plates in front of you- one with a McDonalds hamburger and one with a fresh salad loaded with nuts and other veggies, which one would you feed your child?

2. The bonding time that you get with breastfeeding is irreplaceable. Most of the moments that I spend feeding my baby are my best moments of the day. Cuddly, yummy, warm and fuzzy. This is something that I missed out on with my first baby, and I am simply lapping it up with this baby.

3. It's free. Yes, there are some incidentals- nursing tanks and tops, the pump, etc... but overall the money that I save is a huge incentive to breastfeed. There was a point with Toddler B that we were spending $30 per week on formula. That's crazy!

4. I get more sleep. This might not be the case for all breastfeeding mothers, especially if you don't sleep with your baby. But I do, and my favorite position affords me many more hours of sleep per night than I got with Toddler B when we were bottle feeding.

5. Lighter diaper bags. No formula, bottled water and bottles weighing my bag down! Sometimes I even just grab my purse, stick a diaper in and go! Also, no freak out moments when someone realizes that they didn't bring enough formula, or that they left the nipples at home. My nipples don't detach!

Yes, there are many more reasons to breastfeed, but these 5 make it all worth it for me. I'm enjoying my time with it and will be sad when it is over (for the most part, but that's another story..).

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!

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