Monday, August 1, 2011

great expectations

I recently had a bit of a disappointment.

My older sister, who has three kids, came to visit. I was really excited for her to meet the new baby, and she is already in love with Toddler B. I love my sister a lot, and I really look up to her- she is just an awesome person all around, who has raised three really great, well-rounded and grounded children.

I had never talked to her about breastfeeding before. When she was here, I asked her how long she had breastfed for, thinking that we might have some sort of supportive conversation. But imagine my surprise when she said that she only breastfed each for three months, and didn't think it was so important. In addition, her girlfriend, who was with her, had never breastfed any of her three!

Yes, I know, they had children in the eighties, when formula had a much better name. And really, it was their choice, and I don't think of them as worse parents now than I did before.

It's just that I was looking forward to having a conversation with my sister about breastfeeding. She is my only sibling so far that has kids, and breastfeeding is not really something that I can talk to my mom about. I thought maybe that my sister would have some good advice, or perhaps tell me some things that I might anticipate in the future.

It's okay, though. I have enough people online that I can talk to, commiserate with, learn from.

Still, it's nice when one of those people is your sister.

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