Tuesday, February 14, 2012

interview: BitchinStitches411

Boobie Beanie
Meet Sara, the mama behind the shop BitchinStitches411, maker of fabulous boobie beanies for infants and adults as well as other bits of crocheted fun! 

What was the inspiration behind the boobie beanie?
I was inspired to make the boobie beanie after nursing my daughter in public a few times and getting a few people who were unintentionally staring. I thought, how funny would it be to give them something to look at. Pop a boob hat on my daughters head and see who notices! I got some great responses, all positive! :)

What are your thoughts on nursing in public, and those that think mothers should be covered up (or not nurse in public at all)?
Nursing in public is a very natural thing for a mother to do. Your baby needs to eat when she is hungry! I have always covered up because I am more comfortable that way but I think women should nurse however they feel comfortable, covered or not. The media is saturated in half naked women and no one bats an eyelash. But you put a nursing mother on a bench in a store and its a big deal? I sure don't think so!

Tell us about your own breastfeeding experience.
Before my daughter was born I was determined to nurse at least a year but when she finally came we had a VERY rocky start! I had very sore and cracked nipples and I had a hard time making enough milk. After a lot of practice, Fenugreek, and tears (both mine and my daughters) we were finally successful! But, honestly, it was about 9 weeks until we really had the hang of it.

Do you have a personal nursing in public story?
I have nursed in public many times and have never really had a bad experience. No particular story stands out but i did get some chuckles and double takes with the boobie beanie on my daughter head!

Any advice for mamas that want to start their own shop or business?
Take it slow. Start small. I went from having one or two items on my Etsy site to 19 currently. I have so many more ideas for other hats i would like on the site but I am almost overwhelmed with orders now so i dont really want to add to it. I always get order out within one to three days, though!

Thanks Sara! Check out her boobie beanies, Brobee and Foofa hats, baby apparel and more at her Etsy shop: BitchinStitches411.

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