Sunday, February 12, 2012


As Baby S creeps up on the big ONE (!), I've been noticing some changes.

They probably started about a month ago as she began to be interested in and eating more and more solid foods. Now that she is eating three meals a day plus a snack, her nursing habits have changed. Mainly, she doesn't breastfeed as much.

How do I feel about this? It can go either way. On the con side, I worry about her nutrition more. When she was exclusively breastfeeding I didn't even think about it. I eat pretty well and take my pre-natal vitamins, so she was getting everything she needed from me.

Now? I've already told you- I'm lazy. Can I be trusted to give her what she needs three times a day? Well, I'm getting better at it, especially now that she eats almost everything that we do. And she is still getting breast milk at least 3-4 times a day and during her nightly marathon sessions.

On the plus side, it's easier to go out with her. Not that I mind nursing in public- what I mind is stopping.  When I'm out, I like to get things done. And when you waste all your time actually getting 2 little ones into their winter gear, packing the diaper bag, getting yourself ready, and snapping them into car seats, there's not much time to actually be out before lunch/ naptime/ dinner. When I shop, I want to shop, not stop every hour or so to nurse.

Now, without all the stopping, I can hit two thrift stores in one outing! (Did I tell you I had a vintage shop on etsy? Check it out- Mama Luna Star Vintage) I can't complain about this. Today when she was thirsty I let her play with her sippy cup in the cart as I rummaged through bins. That definitely wouldn't have happened with my breast!

Of course, now my purse has a layer of crackers, fruit snacks and apple cores lining the bottom. And it doesn't get washed nearly as much as my breast.

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