Tuesday, November 22, 2011

nipple biting

Baby S has two teeth. You might not think it, but those bottom two teeth are sharp. Imagine little puppy canines, and you're not too far off.

I'm conflicted about these teeth. Yes, they're cute, but I've always loved gummy little baby smiles (unlike my younger sister, who acts like babies with no teeth are akin to the clown from IT). Teeth only mean one thing- she's growing older every day, soon to be a teenager graduating from high school and asking to borrow the car. Okay, maybe that's a little extreme, but really- where does the time go?!?

Teeth also mean another thing- biting. As in biting my nipples. I knew this day would come. Especially since many grandmas around me have felt the need to say to me Oh, teeth- that's when I gave up breastfeeding! Wow, uh, okay... thanks for the unsolicited advice.

I have a theory- babies aren't born with teeth because if they were, they would start biting us and we would: 1) Give up on breastfeeding immediately, and 2) See them for the wolf babies that they really are and send them to live with their real furry families. This is why it takes about six months for teeth to start coming in- by that time, we are fully attached to the little buggers, and we deal with the biting.

The nipple biting has started and is in full effect. The advice that I got was to pull away and yell "NO!" when it happens.. but Baby S just laughs hysterically. Is she laughing at my yelling or because she bit me? Who knows.

I have gotten good at anticipating when she is going to bite me. She slows down on the feeding, starts rolling around my nipple near her teeth, then.... CHOMP. I've started noticing these signs and pull out before it happens. It doesn't always work, though...

So, to the mamas out there- how have you dealt with nipple biting? Any and all advice is appreciated!

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