Wednesday, November 30, 2011

goodbye to the favorite position

And here we are. Nine months, and our favorite position has become obsolete. No more breastfeeding laying down. No more relaxing, gaze at my precious baby, rest my head on a pillow watching her fall asleep breastfeeding.

Are you wondering what happened? So am I. This came out of nowhere, I swear! Last week I was still able to lay her down and feed her until she fell asleep, or at least lay her down and feed while we relaxed. But she is becoming more and more mobile, and she likes it... likes it so much, in fact, that she now hates laying down at all. Changing her diaper? Impossible. Getting her dressed? Forget it. Breastfeeding laying down? Out of the fricking question. Putting her to bed? Well, you can imagine.

Seriously, I am mourning this change. I love my new moveable, crazy, all-over-the-place baby, but I already miss our special time nursing in bed. No more soft little bottle curling into me, no more peaceful feeding. I know that it is a fact of life- babies grow up. And new developments bring their own joys. But sometimes, like now, it's hard to let go of the things that you will never have again.



  1. That's my favourite position to breastfeed too - so relaxing. You never know, your little one might go back to laying down with you.

  2. Charlotte went through an all over phase, and then went back to side lying nursing at night. I hope it's just a phase!

  3. "/ thank god my daughter is still a newborn lol.


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