Friday, November 18, 2011

becoming toddler

Wow, I feel like I haven't posted in forever! We are having some internet difficulties at the house- it seems like every time I get on the computer, it works for one second and then stops. Argh. Everyone says, "Go to a cafe!" Well, yes, but I do most of my computer work at 11:00 pm- not too many nice cafes still open at that hour. Sigh. Hopefully this will all get fixed soon!

But I digress. Baby S is now almost 9 months old. I remember the little bundle that I used to breastfeed. And how that little bundle started moving more... and more... and more... until we are where we are today: on the verge of breastfeeding chaos. Constant movement while breastfeeding.

Personally, I don't get it. When I eat, I like to stay still and savor my food... But not Baby S! She is bursting with energy, even while falling a sleep. Playing with my face- sticking her hands in my mouth and eyes and nostrils. Pulling my hair. Patting my chest and my arms. And those legs! Constantly moving, kicking, twisting. Lately when she sits up and breastfeeds she likes to bounce. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, suck, suck, suck. It's actually a bit hysterical and inspiring- I wish I felt so excited about my food sometimes!

While sometimes annoying, overall it makes me happy to see her so happy. I have a bouncing, happy, energetic, lovable almost-toddler who loves to breastfeed. Who could be angry with that?

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