Friday, September 9, 2011

when you grow up

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To Baby S and Toddler B:

I have many hopes for you when you grow up- that you feel happy and loved, that you find something that engages and excites you. All the things that any parent wants for their child.

There is one big hope that stands out in my mind. I hope that you will value what is put into your bodies. I also hope that you will be able to see how what you consume affects you, your fellow people, and the earth we live on.

I hope that I have taught you the value of whole, fresh, good foods. One of my priorities as a parent is to show you how good real food can be- tasty, fun, and colorful. How it benefits both you and the planet that you live on. On the flip side, I hope you can see how highly processed foods can harm you and everyone else- chemicals poisoning our bodies for the profit of greedy corporations that care nothing about you and the garbage with which they are polluting our planet.

This is why I breastfed you. Breast milk is real food- food that I was designed to make and you were designed to eat. Not food that is manufactured in some dirty factory and is designed to make money. I think of my breast milk like a juicy green pepper hanging on a vine, or a ripening squash growing in the dirt- perfect the way it is, designed by God, just for you.

I know that living in the society we live in is hard. I give in and eat a McDonalds here and there- and I don't expect that you won't either. Have fun and experiment! Just remember to think about what you are putting in your body, where it came from, and the impact that it has. Recognize real beauty and color, and don't be blinded by shiny packaging and sweet words whispered in your ear by the idiot box and those that are brainwashed by it.

You might call your mami a crazy, crunchy hippie- but realize that everything that I do is because I want the best for you.

I love you both more than anything in the world!


PS- If what makes you happy is to be a conservative Republican and work for an oil company, I might cry. So it better make you pretty frickin happy.


  1. I love, love, love this post! I really didn't think a lot about what foods I eat until I got pregnant. Now, I'm an obsessive label reader, and the produce and diary guys at the grocery store refer to me as "that girl who buys all the organic stuff." :)


  2. Love it!

    The ending made me laugh.... But so true!


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