Sunday, September 4, 2011

giveaway: coral tree bibs

Baby S is ready to eat. Now. 

At six months, she is still exclusively breastfed. But all signs point to go for eating solids- she's past six months, she is extremely interested in our food and watching us eat, she grabs for Toddler B's food. She's ready! Of course, she'll still be breastfeeding for as long as she wants.

Orchard Apples

In celebration of this milestone, we're giving away these awesome bibs by Coral Tree


These adorable bibs- a pair from Alexander Henry's Farmdale collection, Orchard Apples and Crossing- are soft, absorbent and large enough to keep your little one clean (8.5” W x 12” L).

Coral Tree uses 100% cotton fabric for the front and soft and absorbent terry cloth for the back of these bibs. They have a snap closure that’s easy for you to get the bib on and off, but not so easy for your little one.

Check out more gorgeous bibs, burp cloths, wash cloths, shoes, onesies and baby blankets from Coral Tree now!

How to enter:


  1. Just found your blog by reading a comment you wrote! Glad I did:) Leila could really use a cute bib!

  2. Thanks for commenting over on SoooBig! Very nice blog - lots of great info! I'm following through GCF and subscribed to your emails. :)

    Charlotte would love some new bibs!


  3. I'm a future breastfeeder (once baby arrives next year!). This bib is adorable!

  4. Hmmm thats a tough one but I would have to say sweet potatos or yams

  5. Our baby isn't here yet, but I'm looking forward to having her try some of my favorites, bananas and green beans. :)

  6. My favorite first food is rice cereal.

    angukena at yahoo dot com

  7. I'm so glad I stumbled across your beautiful blog!

    My favorite first food is banana- easy to cut off a section and peel a bit back so babies can grip and gum. :)

  8. Love it! I'm a breastfeeding mom of 6 month old twins. Hard work....but so worth it! We just started solids.....oatmeal, banana and avacado. We will have sweet potatoes tonight. Good luck and have fun!

  9. My favorite first food for babies is bananas! I love the fact that you can just mash them up and give them to them and I have yet to come across a baby who doesnt love em :D

    megnate at telus dot net

  10. my favorite is applesauce

  11. Our first food for our daughter was sweet potato!


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