Saturday, September 3, 2011

6 months

You know what I just realized the other day? I have been nursing Baby S for 6 months now! 6 months and I didn't even realize it.

With Toddler B, the 6 month milestone was huge for me. I counted down the days until that mark on my calendar. Of course, with her I was exclusively pumping, which I hated. I had made the goal in my head of making it to 6 months, with the idea that I would stop when I got there.

I remember making it to that 6 month mark. I felt so relieved- I could stop now! I felt proud- I made it to this moment! Everyone told me that I didn't have to, that I should stop, that it was too much for me. But I pushed on, and I did it. I kept pumpin a couple of days after the 6 month mark- I remember wanting her last bottle of breast milk to be special.

With Baby S it has been easy- or at least mostly easy, most of the time. My goal with her is to make it to 2 years- we've made it this far without even realizing it, so two years should be a breeze!

Happy 6 month anniversary to us!


  1. Congrats mama!! You should be very proud of yourself :)

  2. Hi there, thanks for following my blog earlier today, I'm happy to be following you back. Congrats on the 6 month mark, that's awesome!! I feel like L was just that little the other day and then I see him come running past me, it flies so fast!


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