Thursday, August 25, 2011

breastfeeding misinformation

Browsing through tumblr, I came upon this post. Just some random young'un, ranting about breastfeeding.

Nothing new. I see them often. Rants like Women shouldn't breastfeed in public! Who wants to see your tits? Not me! Cover up! And so on and so on.

This ranter goes on to make up some complete nonsense: Overall my stance is this, breastfeed all you like, but they make covers for public, and even then, it is a law to have an area for women to breastfeed in all public buildings (most of the time its just the bathroom,) ...

Um, okay. So the law says that I have to breastfeed in the bathroom? Really? Sit on some smelly ass toilet and feed my baby? How is our society so messed up that a woman could not only be so misinformed, but also advocate for this backwards idea?

What makes me sad is that other women might read this, and think it's true. 

Know your rights, mamas! You don't have to breastfeed in the bathroom. You don't have to cover up. Unfortunately, you do have to endure nonsense from silly little uninformed things like this twit.

Of course, if your aim slips and you happen to squirt a bit of breast milk in their faces on accident, I won't say a thing.


  1. It's sad that we see that crap everywhere. People are so misinformed when it comes to feeding our children the way nature intended.

  2. I also see these types of posts often, and, yes, it is discouraging to realize that they are written by young, college-educated women who ought to be carrying the torch for women and infant rights. It's interesting to see that this particular blogger does not open her posts for comments...

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  4. It's super sad that this crap is out there. I hope all the people that read it recognize it for what it's worth - a big pile of bullshit. Heck, I get mad if I have to pump in a bathroom, and that's milk I'm dumping.


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