Friday, July 1, 2011


I got to breastfeed at work today!

We were on a field trip to the pool today. Earlier this week I had emailed the director of the pool to see if there was somewhere that I could pump- hopefully a room that was private and somewhat clean, with an electrical outlet. She was super helpful and was able to find two possible places, one being the employee bathroom and the other one a really nice family changing room. She had told another female employee, who was waiting to show me the places when we arrived.

Score one for being pro-active! Score two for the YMCA for being so breastfeeding friendly!

Even so, I only had to pump once. Daddy decided to bring the girls down for a little sun and fun. The babies swam, and then Baby S got hungry. I did feel strange at the thought of breastfeeding in front of my little students- not because they would think it was weird or gross (I'm positive that they all would have thought nothing of it). I was worried about what my co-workers would think. Having your kids at work is almost crossing the line, so I didn't want to tempt it.

We went into the women's changing room and fed. No one gave us a second glance.

I love that my baby got to breastfeed when she normally would have gotten a bottle from Daddy! I wish it could happen more often. It was a nice break for my day.

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