Saturday, July 2, 2011

the milk truck

Have you had a bad experience nursing in public? Shopkeeper try to make you cover up or run you out? Did you hear some nasty comments about keeping the ta-tas covered in public? Are you looking for vengeance?

As they say, "vengeance is best served in public with a giant boob on top".

Well, at least that's what The Milk Truck says. The creation of artist Jill Miller, the Milk Truck is a combination of guerilla theater, lactivism and slapstick humor. An example of how it works:

A woman in a restaurant is nursing her baby at a dining table. Restaurant management ask her to stop creating a spectacle and use the bathroom for nursing, or leave the restaurant. The mother is in a dilemma -  she simply wants to feed her baby in the same space where she is eating her food. Who wants to eat lunch in a bathroom? Not her baby! And she shouldn't have to. The woman tweets to The Milk Truck her location and situational information. The Milk Truck posts the information to Facebook, Twitter, and The Milk Truck's website. The Milk Truck (and supporters) arrive to the restaurant location, park in front of the establishment, and set up the mobile breastfeeding unit. The woman feeds her baby in the comfort of the truck’s cozy chairs and shaded canopy, and the restaurant owner is left to ponder the sense of making a woman feel uncomfortable for doing something as simple as feeding her baby.

Call out the haters Milk Truck! Thanks for calling awareness to a right that not all women know they have: 

the right to feed their babies in public without harassment. 

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