Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the breast buffet

As Baby S gets older, her mind is maturing. Gone is the simple mind of the newborn. Her thoughts and actions become more complex with every passing day. You can see her looking at things, working out ideas in her head, making connections. Things that existed on their own now exist in a state of being in connection with other things.

Along with this comes options. For example: I know this (broccoli) is food, and I know your tortilla chip is food, so why eat this broccoli when I know you have tortilla chips in the kitchen, mama?

The same rule applies to my breasts. Being content with just one breast? Please, mama, that is sooooo six months ago! Baby S now wants the breast buffet. I must have both breasts out and readily available as she is eating. She eats for a couple of seconds from one breasts, stops, pulls back to examine her food, and switches to the other breast. Sometimes she doesn't switch- after contemplating both breasts, she decides that she was enjoying the one that she was on and continues to drink there for a couple of seconds. Of course, that doesn't mean I can cover up the one that she is not working on at the moment- that elicits an indignant grunt as she stops to pull up my shirt again.

What is this all about? Options? Choice? The realization that I have two breasts, all for her? Whatever it is, I don't know why I even bother with a shirt when it's feeding time anymore.


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