Sunday, December 18, 2011

the crab

Today we went to a birthday party at my partner's cousin's house. I was looking forward to it- plenty of cousins and aunties who love to engage and cuddle with Toddler B, and (I thought) Baby S is now at the stage where she can play on the floor with the other babies and toddlers and amuse herself. I imagined a couple of hours of sitting back and gabbing with the cousins, stress free.


What happened? First mistake- while we waited to leave so that Toddler B could have a nice long nap, we didn't bother trying to put Baby S down for a nap since I figured that she would sleep on the long car ride and continue sleeping for a bit once we got there. Seemed like a good plan, and got off to a good start- she fell asleep immediately in the car and even slept once we got there... for about 3 minutes. Perhaps I should have put her in the quiet bedroom instead of leaving her in the noisy living room. Oops. First step to the crab.

Second step to the crab- Baby S is also known as The Distractor (AKA Ms. Suck-a-Little, Look-a-Little). As in, I can't eat for more than two seconds when things are going on with out unlatching and looking around. And then I think I want to get down and play. So now not only do I have a tired, cranky baby, I also have a hungry baby. Unleash the crab.

My easy-going afternoon was a long-gone daydream. She whined, she cried, she screamed. Even the aunties with their scary baby magic voodoo (seriously, these ladies can usually tame a dragon) had little luck. Fussy, crabby baby.

My only consolation was that I was around baby people, so nobody cared- they just talked louder. And now, at 11:00 pm, my crab is finally asleep. Maybe she'll sleep in tomorrow morning to make up for it?

Here's to daydreaming.

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