Saturday, August 13, 2011

traveling greatest hits

We're back! How the time flies. Baby S and I spent the last week in New York and Philadelphia, but it seems like we just left! Overall we had a great trip.

Some of our breastfeeding-while-traveling greatest hits:

1. I made breastfeeding really easy on myself by investing ahead of time.  I ordered a nice, comfortable nursing bra from Zulily and a black dress from Target that gave easy and quick access to my breasts.

I wore this same dress pretty much all week (it's amazing how accessories can change an outfit. I also had access to washing machines). I popped my puppies out with ease in a variety of locations: The bus. The LIRR. A crowded cafe. A street corner. The park. The pool. The crowded airport. In and out, in and out... no prob.

2. I'm at the point where I don't care what people think when I take my breasts out to feed. But the creepy guy leering at me from across the train aisle? Awkward.. The old guy scowling at me on the beach? Whatever, he probably scowls at everything. The teens peeping at me on the train? I guess it's time that they learned what these things were for anyways.

3. Breastfeeding at the beach: Sand gets EVERYWHERE. I guess it acts like fiber?

4. Everyone says breastfeeding on the plane during takeoff and landing is a must for baby ears. Ok.. but timing is problematic here. During both takeoffs, Baby S could not wait to eat. We had to feed during the long taxi on the runway. My advice? Bring a pacifier as back-up- it worked just as well.

5. I fed Baby S while riding in a car! In taxis in NYC you don't need a car seat. Who knew?

We had a great time out there, but I must say, I'm happy to be back to our comfy old couch.

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