Wednesday, August 17, 2011

breastfeeding activities #2

Part 2 in a series- things to do while breastfeeding.

BREASTFEEDING ACTIVITY #2: Try not to breathe in.

This one may not always apply. When it does, you'll know it.

My baby is a farter. A disgusting farter. Her farts are so big, loud and stinky that they can clear a room. They have cleared the room, in fact- multiple times! I'll never forget the first time a family friend held her. She was waxing poetic over how gorgeous Baby S was when a loud fart erupted from her bottom. The friend laughed- until the smell hit her nose, she started gagging, and quickly passed off Baby S (who thought it was quite funny).

Baby S has two favorite farting times:

#1: First thing in the morning. She stretches, lets out a huuuuge, loud one, smiles big, then opens her eyes. Hysterical.

#2: When breastfeeding. Must be something about that "something goes in, something must come out" rule. She'll be feeding. Then stop for a second. She wiggles her butt, lets one rip, then smiles and continues eating.

I, on the other hand, do my best not to breathe in. I twist my head as far as it can go while trying not to disturb her. Watch my partner and Toddler B laugh hysterically from the far side of the room. Sometimes I have to go so far as plugging my nose.

There it is- the dirty side of breastfeeding.

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