Tuesday, August 16, 2011

breastfeeding activities #1

A while ago, I posted about my breastfeeding pastimes. I'm expanding this into a series entitled "Breastfeeding Activities". 

BREASTFEEDING ACTIVITY #1: Gaze at your baby

Of course! This one is a no-brainer. Spend some of that time doing what comes naturally to any mother- gaze at your baby.

Study her little face. The chubby cheeks, the smooth skin. The way her lashes fringe her eyes. The downy hair covering her head.

Think about who she looks most like- mom? Dad? Big sister or brother? Do the eyes come from one side of the family, the head shape from another?

Ponder how much she is changing. From a little bundle of crying energy to a chubby little person. Her face and body filling out, limbs extending, stomach expanding.

Watch her movements- her leg twitching back and forth, her hand caressing (or pinching!) your breast.

Notice her changing facial expressions. Agitated. Satisfied. Sleepy. Inquisitive. Playful. An eyebrow goes up, an eye twitches.

Enjoy your time doing what every mama does best- reveling in the perfection that is your baby!

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