Friday, July 15, 2011

up north

We're back from up north! It was a great week- for the most part. Beautiful weather most of the time (this is Minnesota, after all- never are we able to have perfect weather all the time!), beautiful lake, not too many mosquitoes, delicious food (fresh walleye!), good company.

Breastfeeding, however, was not as easy or as comfortable as it I would have liked it to have been. It might be that we are too used to the comfort of our home- even though there were plenty of seating opportunities, none were as comfortable as our favorite spot on our big brown couch.

A big part of it was me, and my relationship to my family. We might talk a lot, but we are not close in that way that some families are- we don't share every detail of our lives. My mother and sister were not in the room when I gave birth to either of my babies. So of course, I was a little uncomfortable pulling my boobs out in front of them- especially my father.

The first night was horrible. I was so tense about it that my milk wouldn't let down- which Baby S was not too thrilled about. Finally when we laid down in bed we were able to relax enough to get a good feed.

Over the rest of the week I started to either lay down in bed to feed her with the doors closed so no one would walk through, or tried to move away from people while breastfeeding. Or just not think about it- like when I whipped my boob out of my tank top while sitting across from my father in the tight little gazebo playing a game.

In the end, we got through it in one piece. Now we're back home, back to our comfy couch and reliable bed- but missing the great up north.

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