Friday, July 22, 2011

the pumping sagas

Today was one of those "focus on the positive" days.

For "field trip fridays" at work we took the kids to a chlorinated, chaotic swimming pond way out in the suburbs. The temperature hit darn close to 100 degrees today, and the place was packed. Since my assistant was out today, I rode the school bus with the group, meaning that I would be forced to find a place to pump twice during the seven hours that we were there.

I figured that there had to be at least one family changing room or private bathroom that had a lock on the door and an electrical outlet. Right?


I asked the strapping teenage boy lifeguard where I could find such a place, and he informed me that there was none. He then offered up their lifeguard base, not knowing what I needed it for. When I said that it wouldn't work, he asked me what I was going to do. To his credit, when I said I was going to breast pump, he kept a professional face while he blushed, and offered to find me a place.

This is where "focus on the positive" comes in. The place they found for me to pump in was a storage room attached to concessions that had no air conditioning. Focusing on the positive, I said "Hey! I'll make it work." Then they told me that the door didn't lock, but they would try to make sure no one went in. Alright-y then... I jumped in, sat on a broken chair, hooked up my pump and hoped for the best.

No one walked in while I was pumping (and sweating majorly), but I could hear the teenage girls on the other side of the door wondering what exactly I was pumping and why I had to do it there. I guess they'll find out one day- and hopefully not in a hot, sweaty back room.

Luckily, my milk held up well in my cooler, and I didn't have to suffer through one of my nightmares- pumping in the middle of a crowded locker room. Teenage lifeguard to the rescue!


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