Monday, June 27, 2011

the wheels on the bus

Moon's beautiful children
Article: Detroit Mother Ordered off the Bus for Nursing Her Newborn

This woman is my hero! Afrykayn Moon stood her ground and stood up for her rights when harassed repeatedly by a Taylor, Michigan bus driver who mistakenly thought that he had the right to stop her from breast feeding while riding the bus. Moon even stood up to the police who were called to the bus to escort her off!

My favorite:

At the next stop, Darcell had uniformed police officers come onto the bus to remove Moon and her babies. Her baby was no longer nursing, but a police officer asked Moon anyway, "Ma'am, are you done?"

Moon replied, "For now. But if he gets hungry again, I will feed him again. This is an hour bus ride. If he gets hungry before the hour is up, I am going to feed him."

That's right! If a baby is hungry, you will deny the mother the right to feed him? Make him wait an hour? Plus, which is more troublesome to other passengers: seeing a mother using her breasts for what they are intended for, or listening to a hungry baby cry and scream for an hour?

Let me look at a boob any day.

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