Thursday, June 9, 2011


Article: Some great advice on pumping from Jennifer Thorson- Doula. Did you know how the speed and suction strength knobs on your pump worked? Apparently, neither did I. According to Thorson, do this to get three let-downs per pumping session in less time:

"Get comfortable. Attach the pump and turn it on, making sure that the suction is not too strong for comfort. Set the speed relatively high. Try to relax. 

Once your milk has let-down, meaning you can see milk squirting into the pump, reduce the suction speed. Continue pumping at low speed until the amount of milk flowing into the pump decreases. This is one let-down. 

Increase the speed again and wait for milk to begin squirting into the pump. Reduce speed and wait for milk volume to decrease. That is the second let-down. Increase the suction speed one more time to trigger a third let down. Once the milk volume has decreased you’re done. Store your milk, and clean out your pump."

Amazing! I almost can't wait to get to work tomorrow to try this. Almost.
Thorson also explains how to do a "power pump" to up your supply:

"Set up your pump someplace convenient in the house. Pump for one let down. Leave the milk in the bottles attached to the kit. Walk away. (Yes, really. Breast milk is naturally antimicrobial and will stay safe to drink for at least the 4 hours you’ll spend power-pumping.) 

When you have another few minutes come back and pump another let-down. Keep doing this for about 4 hours, taking time in between to make sandwiches,settle arguments, sweep the foyer, nibble chocolate, whatever it is you need to do. 

After four hours you’re done. Store the milk and clean the pump.

Power-pumping is a great way to help build supply if you feel like you’re not keeping up with your baby’s needs. Mothers who work outside the home might find it helpful to power-pump on weekends if they’re having trouble pumping enough at work to keep up with what the baby is drinking at daycare. 

It’s also useful if you find out at lunch time that your partner arranged for a babysitter and dinner reservations but you don’t have any milk pumped for the baby."

Again, something I'll be trying out this weekend. Sometimes I feel like Baby S gets frustrated with the amount of milk available to her, especially in the afternoons. Gotta get that supply up before she starts with full-blown meltdowns.

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