Wednesday, June 8, 2011

summer sweat

Air conditioning. I've always liked it, but never thought we really needed it in our apartment. Fans did a good enough job, and on those few 100+ days, we could go hang out at my parents house, the mall, or the lake. No need for something to block up a window and make our electric bill skyrocket!

Until now.

Flesh on flesh creates heat... and flesh on flesh creates sweat. Lots of sweat. Sweat matting their hair, sweat pooling beneath my breasts, sweat co-mingling with breast milk and making both of us a sticky, icky mess. And let me tell you, babies that are hot and sweaty are fussy eaters. We took to breastfeeding in the bath!

No more. A couple of days ago we installed a unit in our living room, just in time for record 103 degree weather. It may have been hot and sticky outside, but it was some cool, sweat-free eating on our couch.

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