Wednesday, June 15, 2011

one eye open

For the first month or so of her life, Baby S had a strange habit: She slept with one eye slightly open.

Think that I was imagining it, or making something out of nothing? Maybe. Think what you want.. but I know the truth.

She was keeping an eye on her food source. Much like a baby wolf or dingo, she had to know that the milk lady wasn't straying too far. Proof: despite all evidence that she was sound asleep, the second that I got up both eyes would fly wide open and search for me. As all good little wolf babies know, never let your food run away from you.

After about a month, my little baby Gandalf was no more. Perhaps she came to the realization that her food source was constant. Maybe her wolf tendencies faded as she became more human. Maybe she felt satisfied that she had me trained well.

I'll never know.

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