Monday, June 13, 2011

distraction city

Baby S has a new name: Baby D, as in Baby "i'm D-istracted by everything". She's three and a half months, and is quickly realizing that there is life all around her. Life that she wants to look at. Especially when breastfeeding.

I noticed it a couple of weeks ago when we were feeding on the couch. Ms. Suck-a-Little, Look-a-Little was doing just that- suck a little, yank on my nipple, and look at the plants hanging over my shoulder. Then remember that she was breastfeeding, and lunge back for the boob, only to see the plants again and forget that she was eating. And repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

I think this is part of her issues with eating out of the house. So many new things to see! How could I possibly focus on eating?!? At a BBQ yesterday, she couldn't take her eyes of the lamp behind me. She finally started eating when we moved to a new spot.. until she got lost in the pattern on the couch. Doh.

I'm thinking of trying breastfeeding in the dark. Or investing in baby blindfolds.

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